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City of Westminster

City of Westminster The City of Westminster is a London borough occupying much of the central area of London, England, including most of the West End. It is located to the west of and adjoining the ancient City of London, and its southern boundary is the River Thames. It is an Inner London borough and was created in 1965 when Greater London was established. At its creation Westminster was awarded city status, which had been previously held by the smaller Metropolitan Borough of Westminster. Aside from a number of large parks and open spaces, the density of the district is high. Many sites thought of as being in London are actually in Westminster, including Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament, and 10 Downing Street. The city is divided into a number of localities including the ancient political district of Westminster around the Palace of Westminster; the shopping areas around Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street; and the night time entertainment district of Soho. Much of the city is residential, and in 2008 it was estimated to have a population of 236,000. In 1965 the City of Westminster was created from the former area of the metropolitan boroughs of St Marylebone, Paddington, and the smaller Metropolitan Borough of Westminster. The earlier Westminster metropolitan borough was itself the result of an amalgamation in 1900. According to the 2001 census, the city had a population of 181,279. Westminster City Council undertook several studies, supported by both political parties on the council, that indicated that this figure was too low. The Office for National Statistics eventually added 17,500 people to Westminster`s population, increasing its grant from the United Kingdom Government. The official population is now 198,779, but some estimates put it at 220,000. Approximately 71% of the population is White (British: 49.0%, Irish: 2.0%, and Other White: 19.0%), 16% are of any Asian ethnicity, 7% Black, 6% Mixed, and 4% belong to other racial groups. About 35% of households are occupied by their owners.

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Book: Defeating Cancer!
The Biological Effect of Deuterium Depletion by Gábor Somlyai
The 1st International Symposium on Deuterium Depletion
13-14 May 2010 in Budapest, Hungary

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