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Frequently Asked Questions

=== Is it generally admitted, that Deuterium Depletion has an antitumor effect?

Yes, Hungarian authorities registered the deuterium depleted preparation as an anticancer drug for veterinary use, the human registration is ongoing. Researchers could also reproduce the antitumor effect of Deuterium Depletion in several countries of the world.

=== What is the recommended dose of PreventaŽ?

In the course of the PreventaŽ cure the normal daily water intake should be replaced with deuterium depleted water (1.5-2 Litres) and the normal water intake should be restricted.

=== Is there any undesirable side-effect of PreventaŽ products?

Based upon the toxicological and efficacy studies and the evaluation of the clinical studies, the Hungarian Institute of Pharmacy agreed to allow patients expanded access to DDW. We can conclude, that the application of DDW do not expose patients to any danger, the application of DDW is completely safe.

=== Are there non-carbonated (still) PreventaŽ products?

At present, there are only carbonated PreventaŽ products on the market. Further on HYD Ltd. plans to produce and distribute non-carbonated products.

=== Is it allowed to boil PreventaŽ?

Yes, it can be boiled under lid, so it can be used for making hot drinks or even for cooking.

=== Can PreventaŽ be stored in an open dish?

It is unadvisable to store PreventaŽ uncovered for longer period of time (several hours), because in connection with open air, the composition of PreventaŽ can change unfavourably. After pouring out a portion, it should be consumed within a short time. The bottle should be recapped carefully after use!

=== How should PreventaŽ be used, as a cure or continuously?

For healthy people PreventaŽ is suggested to use in cures once a year for 2-3 months. For cancer patients it is suggested to administer continuously for longer periods.

=== Is it possible to experience other favourable physiological effect?

There are clinical observations, that PreventaŽ can be favourably applied in case of diabetes, high blood pressure and allergenic complaints. HYD Ltd.’s research however was directed primarily towards tumorous diseases.

=== Why is the consumption of tropical fruits contraindicated during the PreventaŽ cure?

In the Equator zone the D-concentration of the precipitates is higher, close to the D-concentration of the oceans (154-155 ppm). The tropical fruits were grown in the Equator zone contains Deuterium in higher concentration, this is why we suggest to eat only small amounts of this kinds of fruit. We thus suggest the consumption of fruits and vegetables grown in our climate.

=== Is it allowed to use PreventaŽ under chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Yes, we suggest the application of PreventaŽ as a supporting remedy along with the conventional therapies.

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